Journey With Cheat Codes Through First Piano Lessons & Garage Band Days In Feel Good Anthem “On My Life”

Today, electro-pop trio Cheat Codes release their newest single On My Life. The feel-good anthem is upbeat and bright, serving as a temporary escape from reality. The track is released alongside a visualizer montage of Cheat Codes’s early life, from adorable first piano lessons to garage band days, all the way to the group’s life present day.

The video gives a little more depth and insight into the trio’s past and allows fans to take a step in Cheat Codes shoes as they get acquainted with Trevor, Matt, and Kevi through a personal lens.

Dedicated to the group’s late manager, the track sheds some light on Cheat Codes journey. “It’s important to take a minute and reflect on your journey every once in a while to appreciate the small things and realize how lucky we all are.  ‘On My Life’ tells a little bit of that story for us.”

The release of “On My Life” comes on the heels of the short film, music video around No Service In The Hills featuring Trippie Reddblackbear, and PRINCE$$ ROSIE.  The video, directed by Bella Thorne and featuring influencers such as Logan Paul and Mike Majla, made waves with a satirical horror story that kept viewers laughing and on the edge of their seats.

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