Hip Hop Is At A Crossroads, Enter Cymarshall Law & AceWonda With “Crossroads” Album

Cymarshall Law and AceWonda team up to release their 1st collaboration LP titled Crossroads.  The album is infused with the energy of a duo that bleed Hip Hop through and through, bringing a head nodder of an album full of colorful boom bap production and magical chemistry between the two wordsmiths displaying their originality in very different and refreshing ways.

Fully produced by Cymarshall Law, the unquestionably raw, yet beautifully polished album the team put forth is a great representation of East Coast Hip Hop, while firmly stepping into the future within its own lane. As the world seems to be at a “Crossroads,” enter Cymarshall Law and AceWonda to help provide the soundtrack.

Stream “Crossroads” here

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