NYC’s Revenge of the Truence Release “The Outbreak” Produced by Endemic Emerald

Revenge Of The Truence deliver a brilliant and raw new single, The Outbreak, that proves this NYC duo is about to get heads get people’s attention with their forthcoming EP, H1N1.

Right out of the gate, “The Outbreak” makes it clear that R.O.T.’s MuGGz and Tay Dayne aren’t f*cking around with their verses. Both emcees deliver bars that blend the abstract with the direct, painting lyrical pictures that take repeated listens to decipher and understand.

The thing is, you’ll only grow to love their rhymes more with each spin as you pick up on lines like, “Same time Arnold killed Tookie, sht was foul on my mental/ Nas turn they back on me, finger-pointin’, rattin’ on me” and “Every dog has its day, don’t get caught with no fleas/ Better cover all your dues or get covered in fees.”

The single is produced by close collaborator Endemic Emerald (Sean Price, Wu-Tang), who also provided the beats for the entire project. His instrumental is the ideal grime-covered canvas for the two members of R.O.T. to showcase their talents, and just wait until you hear the rest of what they’ve put together on “H1N1.”

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