ASHS Warns Against Sliding Into Her DMs With New Single “Don’t Call Me”

Today, mysterious dark-pop artist ASHS delivers an unforgiving anthem to exes looking for a second chance with her latest single Don’t Call Me released through Wax Records/Republic Records/Polydor Records/Universal Music Canada. The song is a message of empowerment to anyone that’s been haunted by a past relationship. The accompanying music video is inspired by classic horror films like Scream, Freddy Krueger, When A Stranger Calls and sends a message with a hint of gore and suspense.

On writing the track and the thought behind the messaging of the video, ASHS explains, “Writing ‘Don’t Call Me’ was a therapeutic experience. It was me being confident enough in my growth to say, ‘if you change your mind, keep it to yourself.’ I wanted to make the video as bold as the statement. I thought of the most extreme phone call I would never want to get, and ran with that, allowing myself to be a teeny bit vengeful. Okay, maybe more than a teeny bit.”

Stream “Don’t Call Me” here

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