K-Pop Group Cravity Drops Debut Album

K-Pop rookie boy band, Cravity, break into the music scene with their debut album Cravity Season1 [Hideout: Remember Who We Are]. Within the first hour of their debut, 6 celebratory hashtags took up the worldwide trends on Twitter, including #STANCRAVITY.

“Hideout” symbolizes the nine members stepping out into the world through an experience unique to them, and creating a safe haven where they can lean on each other.

Title track, Break All The Rules, tells the story of 9 youths with strong ambitions venturing out on their first journey together, overcoming obstacles, and continuing to move forward without hesitation; with hopes of providing solace for anyone going through the same emotions. Leader and Rapper, Serim, states; “the album encompasses tremor of excitement, and our desire to give delight and comfort to our fans.”

Stream the album here

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