TOPE & Osagie The Great Release “Bring What I Need”

Bay Area artists TOPE and Osagie The Great connect for the smooth new anthem Bring What I Need, the lead single from their upcoming joint EP. Produced by TOPE, Osagie The Great leads the way on “Bring What I Need” displaying his cooler than cool vocals, catchy hook writing abilities, and one of a kind adlibs.

“If you can’t bring a muffin, I can feast upon your loving,” Osagie croons as he paints the picture of a true starving artist letting his partner know exactly what he needs. Not only introducing himself to the audience, Osagie The Great instantly gives “Bring What I Need” life with his vivid and honest lyrics.

TOPE slides in finding his perfect tempo and sounding better than ever while telling a tale of misguided love like only he can. Playing the role of Producer and Rapper, TOPE glides on the church-like chords giving listeners another look at his life since relocating to California.

With plenty of quotable lyrics in his verses, TOPE has been heating up with the release of recent single Again & Again and plenty more music on deck for 2020 including a new solo album.

Stream “Bring What I Need” here

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