Oakland Pianist/Spitter Kev Choice Releases His Latest Album “Social Distancing”

Acclaimed pianist and emcee repping Oakland, Kev Choice releases his Coronavirus-inspired project Social Distancing. Days after the initial calls of social distancing, and hours before the Bay Area was the first region in the U.S. ordered to “shelter in place,” Kev was inspired to create a project to reflect the new realities of life in a world impacted so drastically and rapidly by COVID-19.

Taking equipment from his studio into his living room apartment, Kev began creating songs, reaching out to artists, musicians, and producers similarly quarantined, and expressing the many feelings he was going through from loss of work, feelings of isolation, questioning of government response, and looking for glimmers of inspiration during these difficult times.

The album essentially encapsulates what the nation and possible the entire world has been going through this past month. This project features the previously released single/video No Worries.

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