Fiery Hip Pop Artist Psyclo Releases Debut Track & Video “friEND”

You’d think that someone who admits to being a “music idiot” and “never listened to music as a kid” might not turn out to be such a dynamic singer/songwriter. Think again.

Born in Shenyang, China, Psyclo – has released her newest single, friEND. With elements of pop, punk and Hip Hop, “friEND” is the kind of song that will never let you down.

“My time was dedicated to school almost my entire life,” shares Psyclo. “My daily routine was going to school, going back home, doing homework, and having dinner, watching movies then sleeping. I wasn’t allowed to listen to music while doing homework, even though I still loved music.”

Now based in Los Angeles, Psyclo learned to play piano at the age of five, and wrote her first song at 16 after a particularly grim day at High School.

“Without knowing anything about chords or musical theory, I just sang a melody on top of lyrics that I’d written,” recalls Psyclo. “Back then everything was so mysterious to me. I didn’t know the process of making something into a song. What I did know is that music would become the most important thing in my life. A lot of the times when I feel sad for no reason, I sit in front of the piano, and start singing what I feel. It heals me instantly.”

Stream “friEND” here

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