How Gen-Z Is Using Their Time While Under Quarantine

After being chastised towards the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic here in America after foregoing social distancing for Spring Break trips they chose to honor, it seems like Gen-Z is now adhering to the many shelter in place orders sent out by local and state governments.

With that being said, we now have an idea of how Gen-Zers are biding their time during this quarantine period. EduBirdie reports that 70% of the people surveyed report they FaceTime with their friends when they can and host virtual parties.

15% of those surveyed said they began reading more books now that they have time to finish what they started. More than half said they are binge-watching popular shows on Netflix like the Tiger King, Ozark, and Love is Blind.

40% have taken to their favorite gaming systems, playing favorites like Call of Duty, Animal Crossing, and Mario Kart. Almost 30% said they’re using this time to bond more with their family … doing things like watching movies and/or playing board/card games. Lastly, 80% admitted eating way too much food to help pass the time.

So whether it’s FaceTiming, binge-watching, or eating … Gen-Z is making the best of this time inside.

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