Pop Singer Katie Belle Releases Her Latest Single “Love Someone”

Katie Belle, an American singer and songwriter has released her latest studio effort, Love Someone this past Friday. The new single from the Atlanta, GA based singer is now on all digital music platforms. 

“I am happy to announce that my latest single ‘Love Someone’ has been released,” says Katie Belle. “My fans were ready for my first release of 2020! You can listen to my romantic track, on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Topic right now! We have already shot the music video and plan to release this in the next couple of weeks.”

“Love Someone” is about being in a relationship where everything starts off magical. As the first specks of doubt appear, a couple ponders whether they should continue or break up. In a real relationship where couples hit such obstacles; sometimes they do break up.

When it becomes obvious that being apart doesn’t feel right, they end up back together! This is real life and that’s what “Love Someone” expresses with tender vocals floating over the music composition.

Stream the single here

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