JP Cooper Releases “Bits and Pieces”

Today, JP Cooper releases Bits and Pieces following recent tracks The Reason Why, Sing It With Me, and In These Arms. Written with his good friend and regular collaborator Mr. Hudson at Spotify UK Studios in London, JP Cooper says of the song:

“I wanted to write a song that celebrated the journey that I’ve been on, and also the person that helped put me back together again. Although I’ve had so many amazing moments over the last few years, there have been many times where I’ve been screaming on the inside… covered in the concrete silence of a brave face. ‘Bits and Pieces’ is about not only celebrating being fixed, it’s about somehow celebrating that we become more beautiful by going through these things in life. The fingerprints of the people who helped repair us will forever be a part of us, like a ceramic that has been lovingly put back together.”

Stream “Bits and Pieces” here

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