Pop Smoke’s Death Now Looked At As Targeted Hit

Initial speculation around the untimely death of Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke was that it was a robbery gone wrong. Now, due to surveillance footage … the conclusion is now being reached that it was a targeted hit.

TMZ reports that officials who have seen the surveillance footage from outside the Hollywood Hills home where Pop was killed Wednesday morning say that four men are seen approaching the home at around 4:30 AM and sneak around back.

A couple minutes pass before three of the four walk back up the side of the home to the front. The fourth apparently walked in the backdoor … a blind spot for the cameras. The next time you see the same man, he exits through the front door of the house.

As was reported, multiple shots were fired inside the home and they only struck Pop Smoke, who was rushed to the trauma unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

At first, it seemed like it might have been a robbery due to the rapper posting a photo earlier in the day of a bunch of gifts … one of which had the address of the place he was renting on it. He also posted another pic hours before the shooting of himself and a friend in a car … the friend is holding an enormous amount of cash.

But, to further support the claims of a hit, the officials who have seen the surveillance video assert the person inside the house — presumably the shooter — did not carry anything out. Pop also apparently had a party in the house before he was murdered according to police.

The case is still under investigation.

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