Clear Soul Forces Put All Their “Chip$” on the Table with Debut Leak From Their Next Release “ForcesWithUs”

As Detroit’s Clear Soul Forces prep their final album as a group, they’re clearly hitting the ground running with a hypnotizing and bouncy lead single, Chip$.

Like a lot of their catalog, this track off their forthcoming ForcesWithYou album is produced by the group’s own multi-talented Ilajide, who blends head-nodding, shuffling percussion with subtle and melodic instrumental touches. It sets the tone for a celebratory banger that’s both refreshing and timeless, the type of joint you’d bang in your system on repeat as you hype yourself up.

There’s a sense of purpose and hefty dose of passion running through “Chip$” that sounds less like a victory lap for the group and more like the start of something new. The four members of CSF—Ilajide, Emile Vincent, L.A.Z., and Noveliss—clearly have a lot more to offer their fans, and they’ve done so as a unit and individually for years now.

And while this may all mean that we won’t hear as much of them together moving forward, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited about their future.

Stream “Chip$” here

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