$ODAMAN Keeps Foot On The Pedal With “Soda Is Bad For You” EP

On the heels of a Lagos tour and Atlanta headline show, Rage 2, ATL rapper, $ODAMAN maintains the momentum as he shares his new body of work, the Soda Is Bad For You EP.

“Soda Is Bad For You” marks $ODAMAN’s third project since he started releasing music in 2018. The growth is clear as it’s perhaps his most cohesive piece of work. He exudes confidence on the soundtrack of a self-assured artist navigating the road to success solely on his terms.

On I Been, the project’s lead single which a video has just been released for, $ODAMAN stays true to his braggadocios identity, telling the story of taking another man’s lover and it’s exactly the caliber of record needed to usher you into the five-track project.

With cuts like Inertia and Undercover, $ODAMAN continues to elaborate on the swagger he possesses as he reflects on making headway and emerging a trendsetter of sorts. Alternatively, on tracks like Talk Yo Shit and Think About It we hear a grounded and focused star, detailing his motivations, demanding respect and sharing his goals.

The project and its name are symbolic of the kind of relationship $ODAMAN just like a can of soda has on his fans – good in moderation for the capability to bring inane amounts of vibrance.

The five-track body of work features some of The A’s brightest rising acts in BKTheRula and RobOlu and producers Rxlvand, DjNC, Dante, Dirty Sosa, and Jkj.

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