Jade River & Myka 9 – A New Suspiria (Album)

Hot on the heels of their last single, My Whole Life, ever-evolving Portland based producer, Jade River, and the iconic Myka 9, an undisputed legend of the Los Angeles Hip Hop scene, finally drop their highly anticipated collaborative LP, A New Suspiria.

Inspired by the 1977 Italian supernatural horror film of a similar namesake, “A New Suspiria” is Jade River at his best as a producer. His beats are a return to a bygone LA underground sound, laden with old school sampling, boom bap tempos and jazzy undertones.

Myka 9, one of the original members of Freestyle Fellowship, proves once again why he has been dubbed the Miles Davis of Hip Hop, delivering his verses with his classic creative flow patterns and rhyme schemes that have helped create the blueprint to the sounds permeating hip hop today. Together, they have created a project that is a return to the foundations of Hip Hop with “A New Suspiria.”

No strangers to creating killer tracks together, Jade River and Myka 9 give fans a little taste of everything classic Hip Hop on “A New Suspiria.” From the raw honesty enveloping each word on Cold Cruel World, to the musical stream of consciousness as alive as the city they speak of on Wild Ride, Jade and Myka take listeners through a roller coaster of highs and lows with tracks that bare a soul for all the world to see and those that are just damn fun.

The ingenious word play which Myka 9 is known for and breakneck delivery on the LP’s title track leads into one of the good-time joints on the LP, layering Myka 9’s velvety poetical flow over Jade River’s jazzy boom bap production on Good Lookin’ Lady, the duo’s third single. “A New Suspiria” closes out the journey with the intensity of emotional flows over Jade’s beautifully crafted production on their forth single, “My Whole Life,” (featuring SoCal hip hop veteran, Ariano).

“A New Suspiria” is undeniably a return to the roots of LA underground Hip Hop. While Myka 9 has always been the godfather of the scene, laying the foundation for all those who have come after him, the partnership with Jade River is bringing the sound back to the forefront and back to Hip Hop’s roots.

Check the album out here.

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