Cheat Codes Release Satirical Horror Film “No Service In The Hills” f/ Trippie Redd, blackbear, & PRINCE$$ ROSIE

Welcoming the first of new music in 2020, electronic-pop trio, Cheat Codes, unveiled LA anthem No Service In The Hills featuring Trippie Reddblackbear, and PRINCE$$ ROSIE. Now, the threesome returns, with help from Bella Thorne, with a short film / music video for the genre-defying track. 

Enlisting Bella Thorne as director, the tongue-in-cheek satirical horror story is about influencers, featuring influencers. With familiar faces, such as YouTube sensations Logan Paul and Mike Majlak and influencer Stefanie Gurzanski. The video promises to keep you on your toes as you scream and laugh alongside the characters.

I am beyond proud of this video for Cheat Codes. I was a fan of the group and was excited to get the opportunity to direct their music video for ‘No Service In The Hills.’” enthuses Bella.

Of the video, she continues, “It’s interesting how it all came together. Trevor saw an Instagram post about my directing, projects that I had recently completed and new ones that I was hired for and asked if I wanted to direct their latest video. Thank you SOCIAL MEDIA! After speaking, we really clicked and I got busy with my sister, Dani, to write up a treatment.

I knew I wanted something theatrical, something bigger than just a music video and the guys agreed. It took a few months of planning and production went on without a hitch but that was almost not the case. We finished shooting the 2 day project the day before we all entered the “Safer at Home” act. Literally, the news was breaking during our final hours of shooting, that the Corona virus was spreading and getting really serious.

The next day, all production and work was shut down. We’ve been editing from home through virtual calls. It’s complete now and I’m genuinely thrilled for everyone to see the elevated video from this talented group of guys!

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