Rence – hate u, btw

Putting up nearly 15 million streams in the past year alone and attracting glowing critical endorsements, buzzing genre disruptor Rence shares a brand new single and music video entitled hate u, btw today.

On the track, he picks up a guitar and plucks out a prodding riff buoyed by glitchy beats and keys. He quietly strums out chords before crooning the unshakable and undeniable chant, “She said I hate you by the way…with a smile on her face.

The music video (which you can watch above) reflects the sardonically slick sentiment of this breakup send-off. Accompanied by a keyboardist under a gray sky, Rence plays a purple Telecaster on a seaside dock. The clip shifts to him performing on top of a boathouse as frenetic editing moves with the bounce.

Stream “hate u, btw” here

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