Counterfeit. – 11:44

The year’s boldest breakout rock band UK quartet Counterfeit. unleash a brazen brand-new single entitled 11:44 today. On the new song, frontman Jamie Bower and the band stated:

“We are facing some very real problems in the world right now and greed, corruption, ignorance and hatred are at the very forefront of them. 

Counterfeit have and always will be a band that shines a light on personal and societal honesty and this song is no different. Inspired by visual artists like Jenny Holzer, songwriters like Bob Dylan and the current political and social climate we find ourselves in this song is about a feeling that me and my generation are faced with on a daily basis. 

We are seeing great change in these times and this song is a reminder that we must keep going and why. For without change and progression we are doomed. 

This is for all our people. 

Power to each and everyone of you.

Many thanks.

Jamie and Counterfeit.”


Getting right down to business, Bower drops an urgent opening plea, “Raise your middle finger, gotta let them know.
Gritty garage rock guitars underscore his scorching snarl before a cathartic chorus, “We need to give it up. We need to get it out. We need to tear this place apart.” Channeling the punk poetry of nineties UK rock stalwarts with a modern message, “11:44” rages with eloquence and energy befitting of the group’s provocative power.
The track follows up the provocatively defiant single The New Insane. Within just a couple of weeks, it received looks from Upset MagazineAlternative Addiction, and more.

Stream “11:44” here

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