Raekwon Releases New EP in Conjunction w/ Red Bull

Raekwon poses for a portrait in Manhattan, NY on January 6th, 2020. // Drew Gurian / Red Bull Content Pool // AP-22RGCJUH51W11 // Usage for editorial use only //

Today, Red Bull is pleased to announce the joint release of a new EP from Raekwon as well as a companion documentary that examines its creation at Red Bull Music Studios in New York. The documentary features Rae, one of Hip Hop’s most iconic emcees, working alongside Red Bull Songs writers K-So Jaynes and P. Wright, and producers LordQuest andTwhy Xclusive over three days.

With the goal to highlight the creative, collaborative and exciting process of four collaborators and one superstar coming together to create music in a short period of time, today’s content release gives fans access to both sides: the behind-the-scenes look at working in studio with Raekwon, as well as the finished, three-song release, The Appetition, which is now available, globally, streaming on all platforms. “The Appetition” marks the first release of new music from the rapper since 2017’s The Wild.

“I love to challenge myself with all different types of music,” Raekwon said, speaking on the project and working quick with his collaborators from Red Bull Songs. “That’s why they call me The Chef, I put my season on things I feel and I can make taste good.”

In the 13-minute, making-of documentary, fans can watch as Red Bull brings the iconic Wu-Tang Clan rapper and a diverse cast of writers and producers from Red Bull Songs together and documents the inner workings, successes and creative process of making the music for ‘The Appetition.” Viewers are exposed to the brutally honest process of sorting through beat after beat in order to find something that grabs the attention of the rapper; Going through 20+ beats at once is commonplace but seeing Raekwon lock in and go with one is a thrill.

In partnership with Red Bull Songs, Raekwon’s EP The Appetition was recorded at Red Bull Music Studios New York. Kicking off the year with this new EP, Raekwon has promised more music for 2020. Referring to the title, “You think of something that you can look forward to,” the rapper said. “It’s giving [fans] the proper serving of something real dope… It’s like an appetizer: Red Bull came to my aide and wanted to be a part of my movement for 2020.”

Stream “The Appetition” here

Check out the behind the scenes footage below:

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