Gabrielle Lynn – Ethereal (EP)

Singer/Songwriter Gabrielle Lynn has officially released her highly anticipated EP Ethereal. Being heavily influenced by Sade, Erykah Badu, SZA, and Daniel Ceaser, her original sound is a direct reminder of how thriving R&B music is right now. Her Minnesota upbringing with loving and supportive parents have propelled her to take her talent tone heights. The songstress has created a masterpiece full of serene melodies, concrete lyrics and raw emotion.

Within 6 tracks Gabrielle Lynn showcases why she is ready to take the music business by storm. To ensure the success of this project, she teamed up with 2 time Grammy Award winning producer Riotheyneedahit. Having worked with R&B tycoons Jill Scott, Ashanti, and K. Michelle, his musical direction has given the singer a powerful edge over the other rising singers. Two things to listen for on “Ethereal” is the purity and rawness Lynn’s vocals give off on each record. 

One song that really captures Gabrielle Lynn’s authenticity is a track titled Reasons. As this song has a more uptempo melody, you can hear how sonically pleasing her voice is over the instrument driven beat. Some notable lyrics include “what if I told you, you’re more than a friend, what if we never waste a moment again, let’s make it happen and see what comes next, what if I need you what would you do.” Her strong penmanship and desire to put out high quality music comes full circle on “Ethereal.”

Stream “Ethereal” here

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