Ray J Inks $1 Million Weed Deal

Ray J is finding out that grass is always greener … because he just inked a lucrative deal to convince the 1% to invest in legal marijuana startups.

TMZ reports Ray J is making $1 million per year to get people to spend money on weed, as an executive for a cannabis crowdfunding company.

Ray J signed on to become the chief strategic media officer for MarijuanaStock.org … and his new duties include making infomercials for the brand, encouraging people to invest in the burgeoning cannabis industry and enlightening potential investors on the potential win falls.

The company sought out Ray J because he’s super plugged into the legal weed biz … and for his long Rolodex of celeb friends. In Ray’s case, it’s what he knows AND who he knows. Ray’s manager, David Weintraub, says Ray was given full creative control for his new venture.

As was first reported … Ray J recently became heavily involved in legal marijuana, pouring in $5 MILLION to join the green rush and get his own chronic company off the ground.

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