Kanye West’s Experimental “Dome Homes” May Be Torn Down Due to Violation

If Kanye West is serious about his plans to build a futuristic homes that bridge all income groups, he may want to find another place to experiment other than his property … as they may be torn down.

If you’ll recall … Kanye had 4 dome-like prototype structures built on the 300 acres of land he owns in Calabasas. The goal is to create a whole community of new-age homes — dome-like structures that transcend any forms of class or status.

One problem though … TMZ reports that some of his neighbors have complained to the L.A. County Dept. of Public Works, and after a visit to his property from inspectors, the lofty project violates the building code, and if Ye doesn’t find another place to house these structures, they will be torn down. September 15th is the deadline to do so.

On July 18, one of his neighbors contacted the Dept. and said there was construction taking place at night on the property. An inspector came out and spoke with the site manager, who said the domes were part of a “production” and they were temporary structures, which wouldn’t require permits.

Another neighbor (or the same one) made another call a week later … again complaining of construction noise. When the inspector came out again, the domes were now sitting atop a concrete foundation, which lead to the determination that the were not temporary. That’s when plans and permits need to be presented, and Ye has neither

So, the Dept. of Public Works is now demanding that Kanye submit plans and get building permits within 45 days, or they have to come down.

Now Kanye’s people contend that they are indeed temporary structures … as they’re just prototypes. For what it’s worth, Ye’s side contend they are now in touch with the County and intend to comply with the requirements.

As for the concrete bases. They were necessary to secure the structure for safety and structural reasons but will eventually be removed along with the structures.

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