A$AP Rocky Released From Prison Pending Verdict

In the third and final day in his trial for assault in Sweden, A$AP Rocky had his best day in weeks since being in the European country, as revelations were introduced which will help him greatly.

The first one came from 2 eyewitnesses, who testified that they did NOT see Rocky strike the alleged victim with the bottle he was holding. This is a blow to the prosecution, who used the bottle as the centerpiece in their case … theorizing that the bottle is what led to the alleged victim’s bodily injuries.

They say video evidence shows the bottle hidden in Rocky’s sleeve and used it at the time the alleged victim was on the ground, making it an excessive move. Rocky says he did pick up the bottle, but never used it.

Rocky’s bodyguard took the stand today, reaffirming how the alleged victim harassed them two times, adding that in the U.S., when someone harasses you at least twice you can take action.

The bodyguard also suggested that the victim’s bodily injuries may have been of his own doing, saying that he noticed something greenish in his hand, possibly a bottle.

The 2 eyewitnesses admit to hearing a bottle being “crushed” but couldn’t tell who did it. One of the witnesses also said that despite Rocky copping to it, she didn’t see a bottle in his hand. Both eyewitness agree to seeing Rocky and his crew beating up the alleged victim.

Prosecutors rested their case with the assertion that Rocky and his associates used excessive force, stating simple fist would’ve sufficed.

They also brought up that President Donald Trump sent them a note demanding that Rocky and his crew be released from prison and sent to a hotel. They rejected the request, stating this is the first time something like this has ever happened.

When it comes to what kind of sentence they want if convicted, prosecutors advised 6-months, as they continue to assert that Rocky threw the bottle at the alleged victim.

In Rocky’s attorney’s closing arguments, they claim that nothing that happened on that fateful day was premeditated and the video footage proves that. They also state that the length of involvement in the melee was only 6 seconds.

In regards to the bottle which is a centerpiece for both sides, they showed a photo Rocky holding a large Cava bottle, with the defense that if that bottle was used, the alleged victim’s injuries would have been worse.

After convening, the judges agreed that A$AP Rocky should be free pending the verdict. His associates were also allowed the same treatment. All parties have been released from jail, and can leave the country with the verdict coming August 14th.

Prosecutors wanted all parties to remain in custody, as they are feared to be flight risks … but not only did the judges disagree … they are letting leave the country if they so choose. That’s a sign Rocky and his crew will skate on this one.

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