Witness To Alleged Victim in A$AP Rocky Assault Case Arrested for Theft

One of the prosecution’s witnesses against A$AP Rocky in his Swedish assault case — will have his own day in court, but for some “strange” reason that day is now on the back burner.

As was previously reported, Rocky’s alleged victim, Mustafa Jafari — the guy in the video who caught a beating — was convicted of assault in 2016 for hitting a guy in the face in Stockholm.

TMZ is now reporting that Jafari’s friend, Dawod Hosseini — who’s set to take the stand in support of Jafari — was just arrested this month for theft … just two weeks after Rocky turned himself into authorities, subsequently arrested and detained.

Hosseini was arrested July 19 for shoplifting two high-priced jackets from a Swedish clothing store. Furthermore, police report that a knife was found on him during the arrest.

Hosseini’s remained in custody since his arrest, but he’s scheduled to testify in Rocky’s 3-day trial, which begins Tuesday, and his own trial has been delayed just so he can testify in Rocky’s case, as a witness for the prosecution.

Why the prosecution would still go with Hosseini as a witness is questionable, because Rocky’s defense can pull up his recent arrest and detainment during cross examination, on top of Jafari’s 2016 assault conviction. Jafari was seen hitting Rocky’s bodyguard with headphones in the now infamous viral video which showed what lead to the assault.

Rocky, who’s being prosecuted for assault, has been locked up since July 3rd … is facing a max sentence of 2 years in prison if convicted. The lead prosecutor has asserted he won’t push for that however.

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