Alleged Victim in A$AP Rocky Assault Case Says He Feared For His Life During Incident

Today was the start of the trial which will decide if A$AP Rocky will spend up to the next 2 years in a Swedish jail. The proceeding started with Rocky entering a not guilty plea in the Swedish court, with his family in attendance in support.

The rapper’s mother, Renee Black, was escorted through the crowd of reporters, photographers and onlookers outside the Stockholm courthouse Tuesday morning.

According to TMZ, during the trial (which adjourned for the day), Rocky’s lawyer told the judges the rapper was not the one who kicked or punched the alleged victim once he was on the ground.

The lawyer also added Rocky laid hands on the guy because he felt his bodyguard was in danger. As video has shown, the alleged victim struck the bodyguard in the head with his headphones.

As for the claim of prosecutors Rocky stomped on the guy with broken glass on his shoe, Rocky’s lawyer said the bottle was crushed behind Rocky, he was unaware it was there and that it ended up on his shoe.

Rocky’s alleged victim also took the stand, alleging to the court that during the attack, he thought Rocky and his co-defendants were going to kill him. He says he’s mental trauma since the incident, and injuries to his hands, which has left him unable to work. 

The alleged victim also stated the viral video of the attack has damaged his reputation and that was not high on drugs during the incident. 

Oscar Schau, a Swedish journalist in the courtroom reported that Rocky and the other men on trial with him sat silently and looked on as the victim recanted his version of the incident. 

Trial will continue Wednesday.

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