ATLiens – Ghost Planet (EP)

The extraterrestrial duo ATLiens return with their ominous Ghost Planet EP – out now on Bassrush Records. From its onset, the EP is teeming to the brim with heavy bass and eerie vocals. Locked and loaded with seven menacing tracks, “Ghost Planet” is sure to take listeners on an unearthly journey.

Stream it here

ATLiens are taking their supernatural sounds on tour to invade earth with upcoming destinations in California, Michigan, Maryland, and a pit stop to their home base: Area 51, as seen here. Keep a close eye on this mysterious masked duo, because they’re just getting started.

Upcoming ATLiens Dates

7/27 – Foam Wonderland – Riverside, CA

8/10 – Bass Country – Grand Rapids, MI

8/11 – Moonrise Festival – Baltimore, MD

9/5 – Dancefestopia – La Cygne, KS

9/28 – Lost Lands – Legend Valley, Ohio

10/26 – Freaky Deaky – Baytown, TX

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