Brevner – Ikigai Vol. 1 (EP)

Vancouver Hip Hop vet Brevner delivers a new EP titled Ikigai Vol. 1.

“I have been a recording artist longer than I haven’t and music has taken me all across the world and back. Somewhere along the way though I forgot how important the act of creating art really is to my quality of life. I was spending all of my time focusing on the business and politics of the music industry and no time actually creating it. At the end of 2018 I was depressed and desperate. I didn’t like where my life was at and honestly I could barely recognize myself. I decided to drop everything that I was supposed to do as a working musician and just focus on as much creative output as possible. I knew I needed to finish everything that I started and I had to create like my life was depending on it, because in a way it really was. And I needed to document the whole thing. Full of anxiety, and feeling like I was running out of time, I decided that everything I made moving forward had to be completely created by me, from the first kick drum to the last video edit, and it all had to be finished in 24 hours. One day to tell a story. Hopefully through it all, I could find myself and my happiness, one day at a time. This is IKIGAI” – Brevner

Stream the EP here

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