LAPD Says Nipsey Hussle Was NOT A Target In Gang Probe

Nipsey Hussle was not going to be prosecuted for any type of gang activity at the time of his death … so says LAPD, who were allegedly just trying to curb gang activity in and around his store. He also was never a target.

As TMZ and the New York Times reported, the LAPD and L.A. City Attorney had Nipsey and his business partners under investigation for alleged gang activity at his Marathon Clothing store and the surrounding strip mall.

But now TMZ reports, police weren’t specifically targeting Nipsey — saying the investigation centered around active gang activity in the area, which has been a long-standing problem.

No one from either agency would be specific as to their end game, and, no one from either agency could explain why Nipsey’s name was specifically mentioned in connection with the investigation, especially since they now say he wasn’t a target.

Since the rapper’s passing, the investigation is now a hot potato, because the City has hailed him as a hero and someone who was trying to prevent gang violence. 

Nipsey shunned gang activity at Marathon and although he allowed gang members to enter his shop he forbade any violence. As a matter of fact, he employed past felons and ex-gang members to keep them on the straight and narrow. 

Nipsey’s family have since shuddered the Marathon store after his death, but the online shop is still up and running.

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