Kelis No Longer Moving to Colombia with NaS’ Son

NaS and Kelis have been locked in a “War of The Roses”-styled custody battle over their son Knight, whom the singer/media personality has physical custody.

But it seems as if there may be some in roads toward peaceful co-parenting, as the former Ms. Jones is no longer considering a move to Colombia with their son.

According to The Blast, Kelis will instead stay in California, moving to Temecula, a city just north of San Diego. Furthermore, when she will give NaS written notice of her move once it is completed.

Both parents will also be responsible for providing Knight transportation when alternating custodial duties, meaning NaS has to pick-up their son when he’s spending time with him, and Kelis has to pick him up and bring him back home.

The two designated a spot where the exchanges will take place … a Starbucks in Anaheim.

NaS’ lawyer has also order Kelis to pay a little over $15 thousand in penalties previously levied by the court.

If you’ll recall toward the end of 2018, Kelis had purchased a farm in Cartegena, Colombia, and planned to move her and Knight there permanently, something that NaS opposed.

NaS would then file motions in court stating that this would violate their custody agreement, which she would plead not guilty to.

Cooler heads would prevail as the rapper would rescind his previous motions, just days before their June 20th court date.

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