Lil Durk’s New Curfew Is Hurting His Bottom Line

No one likes to have a curfews … especially when you’re 26 years old. So obviously Lil Durk is having that problem, primarily with cashing checks for high-paying, late-night gigs thanks to a court-ordered bedtime in his attempted murder case. 

Durk was released from jail Thursday night after posting $250k bail — but under the terms of his release, he’s not allowed to be out in public from 11 PM to 7 AM. 

The issue for Durk … the late-night hours are MASSIVE for rap stars — who get paid a ton of money for late-night shows, after-parties, club appearances and more. 

Durk — who’s had hits with guys like SnoopFetty Wap and more — is getting calls and offers to collect some big paychecks over the next few weeks … but he’s had to turn most of them down. 

He’s also had other shows that were booked before the attempted murder drama — but those shows have had to be rescheduled too. 

According to TMZ, Durk usually charges about $30k per late-night show — so calling off multiple gigs (6 have been canceled, so far) … is lightening Durk’s wallet. 

Durk is also rocking a GPS-tracking ankle bracelet … so it’s not like he can sneak out and do the shows on the sneak tip. 

In the meantime, Durk is trying to book earlier shows at daytime festivals — but those are harder to come by … and he’s still losing out on the after-party money. 

Durk ain’t exactly poor (far from it) but his legal bills are mounting up — and it’s not like this case is about to wrap up any time soon.

As was previously reported, Durk’s legal problems stem from a February shooting in Atlanta — and officials believe Durk was directly involved … a claim he adamantly denies. 

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