Chance The Rapper Tries His Hand At Standup Comedy

Chance the Rapper¬†took a “chance” at stand-up comedy, by taking the stage at an open mic night to try out some new material.

Chance was on a date with his wife,¬†Kirsten Corley, Tuesday night at Chicago’s Laugh Factory. After the main show, the club opened things up to the audience and Chance seized the opportunity.

In the video, the rapper gets off to a decent start by talking about how different groups of people know him for different things, and then he really goes for it — with a fart joke.

It gets worse from there, and even Chance knows things are going off the rails after his fake news take. Fortunately, he seems to have a lot of goodwill with the crowd.

People in the club tell us he wrapped up his set pretty quickly after that … before he could ruin it.

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