Lil Xan’s Photo Shoot Gun Looks Like Weapon Used At Gas Station

The gun that has Lil Xan under investigation currently by the LAPD … looks very similar to the one he whipped out — suddenly and unexpectedly — during a photo shoot.

TMZ obtained behind the scenes images from the shoot Xan did back in January … where he clearly brandishes the piece and showed it off to people on set. 

Apparently the gun was not supposed to be part of the shoot, and Xan just brought it with him and surprised everyone when he pulled it out. Everyone felt it was a real gun at the time, although he never said for sure.

ICYMI … Lil Xan pulled a gun on a man at a gas station last week, and it looks almost identical to the one in the photos. The rapper’s affinity for guns could get him in big trouble.

Cops are looking into the gas station incident as a possible case of assault with a deadly weapon — a felony that could land him in prison if convicted … however, Xan has not been arrested or booked for any crime.

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