Drake Bought Gifts & Gave Money to Cast of “Euphoria”

Expect more people to want in on anything Drake executive produces, because Algee Smith of the HBO series Euphoria says he came to set loaded with gifts and money.

Algee, one of the stars in the new drama, was on TMZ Live Friday to spill some tea about shooting the show, on which Drake is an EP. Safe to say, it pays dividends to have Mr. Graham running the show.  

In the clip … Algee says Drake had swag bags filled with gifts when the cast partied to wrap up the season. He wouldn’t say exactly how much cash was in the bag, but made it clear it was way more than pocket change.

“Euphoria” premieres Sunday night on HBO … and it follows the lives of high school students as they navigate a minefield of drugs, sex, social media, friendship and love. The series is definitely pushing the envelope, and Algee says it’s gonna be groundbreaking.

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