Playboi Carti Covers The FADER

Playboi Carti gets the final cover of The FADER’s Summer Music issue. Senior editor Ben Dandridge-Lemco met Carti in his hometown of Atlanta following Carti’’s back-to-back weekends of Coachella performances and recording sessions with Metro Boomin in L.A. 

During the interview, Playboi Carti plays his highly anticipated forthcoming album Whole Lotta Red and discusses details including how he recorded much of it at his dining room table and created around 50 songs for the album. Carti says, “I could be done if I wanted to. I’m just trying to top shit. I might make the hardest song ever tomorrow.” 

He also discusses how Atlanta pushes him to make his best music, connecting and collaborating with Solange, his desire to distance himself from people and his time on the internet, as well as the decisions he’s made to help him become recognized as one of today’s biggest icons in the future of Hip Hop.

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Check out excerpts from the cover story below:

On his recent recording session with Metro Boomin:
“I got a whole ‘nother tape with this nigga. That’s why my head’s fucked up. This shit could go on my album, but if it goes on the album, then we gotta change the whole thing.” 

On the talent in Atlanta: 
“This is the home of the whole Hip Hop. Niggas ain’t fucking with us on this music shit, and I ain’’t just talking about me. I’m talking about the next nigga that we don’t even know about right now, making a song. He’s from Atlanta.” 

On meeting his girlfriend, rapper Iggy Azalea:
“Once I started talking to her, I just cut off everybody. it was over with.” 

When asked if Playboi Carti plans to collaborate with Iggy: 
“That’s a whole ‘nother thing. I support everything she does.” 

On his drive: 
“I always wanted to do more than anything I was doing. I used to come to basketball practice with a skateboard. I wanted to be like Allen Iverson and Terry Kennedy.” 

On being mostly off the internet: 
“I just look, then I get off, ‘cause I get upset. I always let my phone die.” 

On distancing himself from people:
“I distanced myself from everybody. I’m grown as hell. I can’t be hanging around. I gotta grow up, and I gotta stay focused on what the fuck I got…I don’t need no niggas around me. I be inspiring niggas too much and they be taking from me. It’s only halfway. I don’’t win.” 

On past working relationships that turned sour or fizzled out over time:
“I think my fans think I’m such a fuck nigga, it’s not me. I’’m not the fuckin’ problem. As I grow up, friendships is gonna be over. Y’’all was in elementary, cool with the whole school. Middle school, niggas start acting funny. In high school, you stop fucking with them niggas. You grow out of shit.” 

On what he looks for in a beat: 
“I like new sounds. It’s gotta be something I never heard before. I just be rapping. Every day I discover something new about myself, and I just do it.” 

On making changes this year: 
“One thing I learned this year — it’s time to go crazy. I’m just so fuckin’…Carti.”

“It’s like I’’m some best kept secret — fuck that.”

On working with Solange: 
“Honestly, she fuck with me and I fuck with her, but I think it be her kids, bro. Solange asked me a question and her son knew the answer.

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