Medical Examiner Revealed Cocaine & High Blood Pressure Killed T.I.’s Sister

Prince Williams/FilmMagic

T.I.’s sister, Precious Harris, had enough cocaine in her system to trigger heart arrhythmia when she crashed her car and subsequently died … according to the Medical Examiner’s report.

The Fulton County Medical Examier’s report says Precious died from “cocaine toxicity which aggravated hypertensive cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure).” The report goes on to say the high blood pressure caused an abnormal heart rhythm … which went on long enough that disrupted the blood flow to her organs, including, most importantly, her brain. 

The report points out Precious was also afflicted with chronic lung disease, kidney disease and diabetes.

As was first reported, Precious was driving T.I.’s Dodge Avenger with his grandniece, Kairi Chapman, in the passenger seat when she fell unconscious and veered off the road, crashing into a telephone pole. Paramedics took Precious to the hospital and she had to be placed on life support.

She died about a week later when the family decided to remove support.

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