Too $hort To Use Drake’s Raptors Trash Talk Against Him in New Song

Every time Drake get slick at the mouth during the NBA Finals, he’s contributing to Too $hort’s new rap song … so says “Short Dog” himself. 

Oakland-native Too $hort is a hardcore Golden State Warriors fan, so when TMZ saw him at Avenue in L.A., they asked how he plans to deal with Drake, whose Raptors fandom has been driving people crazy. 

“We’ve had a meeting about this,” Short tells TMZ Sports.

“What we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna watch Drake. We’re gonna record every little bit of tape of Drake [during the NBA Finals]. Every word he says, we’re gonna make a song with those words.”

It’s not a bad idea … considering everything Drake touches turns platinum nowadays. As for the title for the project??

“It’s gonna be called ‘Drake Losing to the Warriors.'”

Yeah, the title could probably use some work — but the idea is pretty solid! 

Obviously this is all jokes, as Too $hort and Drake are good friends — in fact, Drake even paid homage to Short in the DJ Khaled track For Free.

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