Hazel-E Doesn’t Want To Fight Yung Miami of City Girls

In spite of starting a nonsensical feud, reality show personality/struggle rapper Hazel-E is now taking the high road in her beef with City Girls rapper Yung Miami … the ex-‘Love & Hip Hop’ star says she wants their feud to stay on wax, instead of turning violent. 

Hazel tells TMZ … she’s not about to start throwing hands with Yung Miami, because she’s too grown for barbaric problem-solving. She also points out the music industry already lost Nipsey Hussle to what she calls “ignorant stuff.” 

Their beef started this week after Hazel accused the City Girls rapper of jacking some of her beats — and once Miami started calling her every name in the book … Hazel unleashed a vicious diss track. 

Yung Miami responded with a not-so-friendly invitation for Hazel to come meet her in her hometown of Miami, so they could settle things with their fists.

Even with all the heated trash talk, Hazel says she won’t be drawn into a fight because it won’t solve anything. She thinks musical beef is the better option … that way they can both make money.

Hazel did take some shots though when in the video, and threatened to sue Yung Miami for stealing music. 

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