Philly D.A. Demands Meek Mill Get New Trial with New Judge

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

The D.A. in Philly feels like Meek Mill got a raw deal from Judge Genece Brinkley and deserves a new trial minus her on the bench.

The D.A.’s Office just filed new docs in Pennsylvania Superior Court stating that Judge Brinkley has shown bias throughout the case … and for that, should be retried in his probation violation case.

As a quick recap, Judge Brinkley sentenced Meek to 2 to 4 years in state prison — which was eventually set aside when Meek was released in April 2018. Since then, he appealed and asked for a new trial … but Judge Brinkley denied him down last June … refusing to grant the retrial.

In a rare instance … Wednesday’s filing has pitted the D.A. on the same side as the defendant. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, the D.A. calls out Brinkley’s bias against Meek … singling out a surprise visit she made to a homeless shelter where Meek was doing court-ordered community service.

The D.A. points out that’s not what judges do … that’s for probation officers who report back to the judge. According to the docs, Brinkley also “abused her discretion” when she hit him with the 2 to 4 year sentence for “technical violations” of his probation. 

Even the D.A. says Meek serves no threat to society, and had completed drug treatment — and, therefore, deserves another shot in court … minus Judge Brinkley.

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