the9elements Presents: “The Whole 9” w/ Tommy Danger

The Whole 9 takes it to Harlem, and interview rapper Tommy Danger. He recently released a music video for his single What They Say. Check out the interview below, and for more on Tommy, check out his website.

the9elements: What made you want to become rapper?

Tommy Danger: I’m an artist. I like to draw pictures, write poetry and write books. Anything that allows me to express myself creatively. That’s what I do it just so happened that rapping is one of the things it I gravitated towards as a child but I basically believe in all art forms.

Rapping is always been easy to me it’s not something that I really like tried to work hard at. I just enjoy doing it. At this point my life I don’t really rap for myself. I rap my for all the people in my neighborhood who have given up on their dreams. But my main drive is to show my kids that you can do anything. I want to be a superhero for them.

T9E: What’s the 1st rap song ever heard and described that moment?

TD: I honestly can’t remember the very 1st rap record that I’ve ever heard but I do remember one record that I actually lost my fuckin’ mind over it was call Veronica Veronica.

My sister had a boyfriend and I was like I guess 12 or 13 years old. He had it on vinyl and I want to make a copy of it. He told me no. I cried like a baby I wanted that record so bad. I knew from that point I was hooked. Tap music would send chills through my body. It just gave me like of natural rush. I don’t know what it is.

T9E: How did “What They Say” come together?

TD: “What They Say” came together basically out of frustration being on social media. People see a picture make a comment and try to pass judgment. They think they know everything. They create their own pictures about you and they make up shit.

It is basically not letting what other people think about you affect your mood. So that’s why I call it “What They Say”. I found the beat online and I think I wrote it and laid it down in about an hour.  It is a very emotional record. Seeing comments that people make online,  I’m like… what they say don’t move me.

T9E: What is your prediction for the year in Hip Hop?

TD: My prediction for the year hip hop is more business is being created. Not just something in which you rap you. But basically monetizing every element of your lifestyle and you gonna see people getting even more creative with hip hop in figuring out different streams of income.

Other than just rapping or clothing and jewelry. You can see a whole another stream of income coming out and you gonna see a lot of millionaires being made from this culture. Chance the Rapper just did a deal with Wendy’s to promote chicken nuggets. Go figure.

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