Another Old Drake Rhyme Book Up For Sale

Before Drake was the biggest Hip Hop artist on the planet, teenage Aubrey Graham was jotting lyrics for a diss track he called, Smell P***y — in ONE notebook … and then tossed it.

Drake’s notebook, from around 2000, is going up for sale through the memorabilia company, Moments in Time — and they’re piece of history from his high school years for $35K.

Inside the notebook — found in a dumpster near his grandfather’s furniture factory — Drake spoke fondly of wearing Lacoste, copping a jacket for $171, and listed another Lacoste shirt and hat under his “must-haves.”

Long before Back to Back … he whipped up a song dubbed, Smell P***y to rail against some high school rivals, spitting:

— Sholman’s a p***y … Johnny’s a snitch … You and Rosenblatt are like Abercrombie and B*tch. 

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