Tyga Outraged Fans By Not Showing Up to San Diego Show

Tyga much like the NFL franchise the Chargers … doesn’t seem to be a fan of San Diego, because like the team didn’t want to stay there … he didn’t want to go there … or at least forgot to Friday night for a show … and the fans were enraged.

T-RAWW was supposed to perform at Omnia nightclub, where admission was $100 for men and $70 for women.

As the night wore on, people figured out Tyga wasn’t coming and things got rowdy.  Eyewitnesses tell us there was pushing, shoving, bottles and glasses were thrown on stage, etc.

The DJ tried to vamp up the crowd from midnight until 1:45 AM, but they weren’t having it.

It looks like there may be an issue with refunds, because management told the crowd, “Nothing could be done.” Tyga did take to social media with an apology.

Tyga’s next performance is Saturday night at the FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA for the Powerhouse Liftoff Edition

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