Def-I – Dream Trails (Album)

In the beginning the origins of Hip Hop music was used to teach and unite. In 2019 an artist returns with that intent.

On his fifth studio album, Def-I truly shows a reflection of all he is. A community activist who works consistently with the youth and organizations to better others. Def-I reached out to Southern California Hip Hop veteran producer Ariano & Washington States legend Smoke M2D6. The production is cinematic, moody and true to Def-I’s Boom BAP roots. Combining true lyrical craftsmanship with content that touches the heart, the album ‘Dream Trails’ is a reflection of many years on the road, and the travels embarked on by this is New Mexico Native MC .

The album features legends like Kool Keith, Abstract Rude, JFK Ninjaface, DJ Element, and a slew of talented artists and friends that add harmonies, vocals, hooks and live instrumentation. 

Opening up about his personal battles and bringing light to the pain in the world , Def-I is not just a rapper. He is a true artist that bleeds his craft on two tracks that unite the young and the old. 

This is not his beginning but far from the end….Dream Trails

Stream the album here

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