Tyga’s Jewelry Targeted by Promoter Who Says He’s Out $111K

Tyga’s shine is about to go away … if a promoter gets his way in court.

First a little backstory … the rapper’s on the hook for $111k after he failed to respond to Z Entertainment’s lawsuit claiming he allegedly breached its contract. He’d been signed to perform at Body English in Vegas in 2015 and he wasn’t allowed to perform anywhere else in Vegas a week before the concert and a month after. 

Problem was … Tyga got up onstage at another venue the night before his scheduled gig. Z Entertainment sued him and won a default judgment because Tyga was a no-show in court.

Fast forward to now … Z says Tyga hasn’t paid a dime of what he owes. There’s even a warrant out for his arrest for failure to show up to a hearing post-judgment. But, now Z Entertainment’s filing a motion asking the judge to give the L.A. and Orange County Sheriff’s departments the green light to take his jewelry, cash and other valuables to pay off the debt.

The promoter also wants the Sheriff’s Dept. to be able to enter Tyga’s cribs and take valuables to cover what he owes. Tyga, of course, is no stranger to showing off expensive jewelry.

As was reported … Tyga recently dropped a whopping $500k for a new chain for himself AND his crew. He’s also bragged about a new Rolls and Lambo. Meanwhile, Z Entertainment says it’s struggling to cover its payroll thanks to Tyga failing to pay up.

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