Kodak Black’s Border Arrest Puts Canada Show in Jeopardy

Kodak Black is staring down the possibility of missing more shows on his tour, because Canadian authorities could bar him from entering the country for a couple of scheduled gigs North of the border.

Kodak’s got concerts on deck Monday in Montreal and Tuesday in Toronto, but those shows are now in limbo because of his drug and gun bust at the Canada-U.S. border.

According to TMZ, the CBSA wouldn’t comment on whether or not Kodak would be admitted into Canada for his gigs, as everyone’s eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.

However, anyone with a serious criminal history or anyone facing serious felony charges will likely have a difficult time entering Canada, makint it unlikely Kodak will be allowed into the country for those shows.

Kodak has some options if he’s denied entry, such as requesting a Temporary Resident Permit … but it’s very unlikely Kodak would apply for the permit, because he doesn’t meet all its criteria.

As was reported … Kodak was arrested on on weapons and drug charges at the U.S. border in New York after cutting through Canada on his way from Detroit to Boston. Cops say they found weed on Kodak and a gun in the car he was driving. 

It was back in July when G-Eazy was denied entry into the country after his cocaine arrest during a trip to Sweden … Chris Brown faced the same fate in 2015 because of his criminal past.

Kodak already missed shows in Boston and Connecticut because of the bust, and now it’s looking increasingly likely he will miss at least 2 more.

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