Kodak Black Arrested At U.S. Border on Weapons, Drug Charges

After mysteriously not making his show in Boston, Kodak Black whereabouts were unknown. He’s been found … in jail after being arrested at the U.S. border for allegedly having drugs, and a weapon on him.

According to TMZ, Kodak and 3 other people were stopped by U.S. Customs Agents Wednesday. The rapper was then arrested for criminal possession of a weapon — a  felony — and a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge.

Cops say Kodak and 2 others attempted to enter the U.S. at the Lewiston-Queenston International Bridge in a Cadillac Escalade with a temporary California registration. They say Kodak was the driver, and officers discovered weed on him … after further inspection of the vehicle they also found a Glock 9mm pistol which was undeclared by anyone in the Escalade.

There was also a Porsche traveling with Kodak’s team with 3 other individuals. The driver of the Porsche copped to having 2 loaded handguns and a third was found in the trunk … aaaand more marijuana. A law enforcement source described one of the weapons as an “AK-style handgun with a 30-round magazine. It looks like an AK, but it’s a handgun.”

Stetson President and Madarrow Smith were both arrested for criminal possession of a weapon … Jeantony Saintmelus — who was driving the Porsche — was booked for criminal possession of a weapon and possession of marijuana.

The rapper is still in custody, being held on a $20,000 cash bond or $40,000 bond.

While Kodak never made it to his show in Boston … his tour bus did, and angry fans surrounded it after getting word he was a no-show. 

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