Mally Mall & Swae Lee Won’t Be Getting Their Confiscated Animals Back

Looks like the only time Mally Mall and Swae Lee will be able to see some exotic animals is if they visit the L.A. Zoo … because there’s little to no chance they’re getting their
jungle cats and monkeys back.

TMZ reports … after Mally’s Serval cat and Swae’s spider monkey were seized in Wednesday’s SWAT raids, the animals were immediately taken to special facilities. Mally and Swae will ONLY get the animals back if they had legal reasons to possess them — such as owning a zoo or an animal educational facility — and that’s just not the case here.

Even if Mally and Swae had a legit reason for housing the Serval cat and spider monkey, they would still need to apply for permits to get the animals back, but those applications would be blocked because of their history.

Mally’s had tons of issues with exotic animals in the past … the Health Dept. launched an investigation when he brought a capuchin monkey to the Ace of Diamonds strip club, and he once gifted Justin Bieber a monkey and an ocelot.

As was reported … 40 heavily armed SWAT team members raided Mally’s home Wednesday morning, executing search warrants for exotic animal possession and human trafficking. Swae’s home was also raided.

As it stands, the Serval cat and spider monkey seized in the raids are being housed in facilities that are permitted to possess each type of animal, with the capability of providing proper care and adequate caging.

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