Soulja Boy Disses Gucci, Call Them Racist

Soulja Boy isn’t wearing Gucci bandanas anymore, and he sure as hell ain’t about to rap about them … because he thinks the brand is “racist as f**k!!!

The rapper is still raging mad over Gucci’s blackface scandal — and we got this video of him stopping his Sunday performance at the High Times Dope Cup in Adelanto, CA ripping the company a new one.

Soulja starts rapping Gucci Bandanna before stopping the show and bashing Gucci over its disastrous decision to sell a sweater resembling blackface. SB doesn’t hold back, calling the sweater “racist ass s**t” and telling Gucci to “suck my d**k!”

Young Draco is still on board with the Gucci boycott, and that’s gotta suck for them … because he says he’s spent over $1 million on Gucci in the last 10 years.

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