R. Kelly Has No Control over Azriel Clary Meeting her Family, Lawyer Says

A meeting between R. Kelly’s alleged “sex slave,” Azriel Clary, and her family wasn’t dictated by the singer himself, nor was it his fault the whole thing fell apart … so says his lawyer.

Clary was supposed to meet with her family — for the first time in years — Saturday night in Chicago. R. Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, tells TMZ the plans fell through after Azriel insisted on changing the location last minute. She wanted the meeting with her family to take place at R. Kelly’s apartment at Trump Tower in Chicago, as opposed to a previously decided spot.

It’s unclear where that previous location would’ve been, but it’s doesn’t matter … because her family canceled the whole thing when they heard about the change.

It’s been reported that R. Kelly was the one who pushed for the change — supposedly wanting his security there too — but Greenberg says that’s false. He says Azriel is the one who suggested Trump Tower as a means to control an anticipated frenzy.

Greenberg says Azriel believed her family would turn the meetup into a media circus, and she wanted say over who could get into the building by having it at R. Kelly’s place, where she lives with him. When her family got word on that, they pulled the plug entirely.

Michael Avenatti — who reps Azriel’s family in this matter — tells TMZ … “On Friday, R Kelly’s camp tried to abruptly change the terms of the meeting at which time my clients and I decided not to participate because the terms were not acceptable. We are now attempting to reschedule the meeting on agreeable terms so my clients can see their daughter.”

If you remember … Joycelyn Savage’s family meetup also got canceled for the same thing — supposedly, she too insisted it take place in Chicago. Both sides clearly couldn’t come to terms on a location, as you can hear in a heated phone convo between the parties.

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