YBN Almighty Jay’s Alleged Attackers Arrested in Seperate Fed Case

The individuals believed to be responsible for attacking and robbing YBN Almighty Jay and sending him to the hospital are in federal custody, but for a completely different reason.

According to TMZ … cops have identified a crew in The Bronx, that includes Zae Numbafive as persons of interest in last weekend’s assault on Jay. The crew goes by the name Jack Boyz.

However, Zae and 3 other Jack Boyz members were arrested Wednesday in The Bronx as part of an unrelated federal investigation. The men are facing a charge of attempted murder in the aid of racketeering — along with firearm charges — in connection with the shooting of an off-duty NYPD officer. The charges carry a life sentence if convicted. Another member remains at large.

While in custody, the crew was questioned by investigators about assaulting Jay as well, and 2 members admitted to being at the scene … but didn’t own up to any criminal activity.

The crew also claimed to have past issues with Jay but said they worked it out … but the rapper denied even knowing the crew.

Jay told cops he’s willing to cooperate¬†with the investigation now, but doubts he can ID his attackers because there were so many of them. He claims he was robbed of his wallet, $16k in cash, a $20k chain and his shoes in the attack.

This incident also lead to J Prince weighing in by calling out Zae and his crew and putting out an APB¬†to his “mob ties” to nab them. Zae responded by posting a music vid that apparently flaunted Jay’s stolen jewelry. He would later to go social media and deny that he had the chain.

So far, no charges have been made in Jay’s robbery/assault, and the investigation’s ongoing.

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