Rich The Kid Sued for Valentine’s Day Prank on Former Landlord

Rich the Kid is accused of pulling a prank on his former landlord who was trying to collect on late rent he owed … and now he’s being sued.

According to TMZ, Maro Burunsuzyan just filed suit against Rich, claiming the rapper doxed her phone number on his social media. Rich tweeted on Valentine’s Day with the caption, “Valentines calls me” … followed by her personal cell.

As a result, Maro claims she was bombarded by at least 500 text messages and multiple phone calls from Rich the Kid fans who thought they were his digits. 

As for why Maro believes he did this … she’s apparently been hounding Rich in court for damages and late rent she claims he owes her for a house she rented to him this past summer. He moved out in January, and Maro says he’s been giving her the runaround.

In the docs, she says she told him on Valentine’s Day they were done talking since it was clear he wasn’t going to pay her … and she says he responded with “Oh, really?” Shortly afterward, Maro claims he posted her number and the harassment ensued. 

For the record … the alleged tweet Rich sent appears to have been deleted. Either way, Maro’s asking a judge for an unspecified amount in damages.

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